Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kamryn Scott Interview!

Hello everyone. The character interviews start today. Today being Saturday evening! When I am at work but somehow am still able to get a post up. As usual, I am here with one of my many characters who may or may not actually want to be here.

Kamryn: At least you're using that Journalism Associates for something.

Yeah. Even in spite of failing that one semester of college.

Kamryn: Nice tag-team burn.

Thank you. Glad you're being agreeable.

Kamryn: Well the twenty bucks you paid me not to act out sure is helping.

I thought we agreed not too mention that... 

Kamryn: Get on with the questions.

Okay! Let's start it off light and silly. Do you like the outdoors or the indoors better?

Kamryn: I really like a fair balance of either. Indoors is nice, but I also love to hang outdoors. I am not really too picky.

If you could be any type of Tree, what Tree would you be?

Kamryn: Um... Trees? I don't know much about trees. Can I be a person named tree? Because there was that cute character from that one Happy Death Day movie named Tree. Can I be her? Because she was a boss.

What's your favorite sandwich?

Kamryn: Philly Cheese Steak! Greasy and Cheesy!

What is your personal definition of success?

Kamryn: Hmmm... Well... I guess just getting something done could be considered successful. I have kinda low standards as far as life goes...

Favorite genre of video game?

Kamryn: Horror is my favorite right now. I am currently playing Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Have you ever kissed someone in exchange for casu marzu?

Kamryn: I-I'm sorry! What?

Here. I googled it on my phone...

Kamryn: Um... Oh my god... Can I kiss someone without the Casu Marzu?

Why would you have to ask me? It is your life.

Kamryn: You're the best.

If you had to pick one place in the world to go where would it be? 

Kamryn: Disney! Disney is awesome!

If you could change your name, would you? And what would you change it to?

Kamryn: Honestly, just my last name so I wouldn't be associated with my brother. You'd be looking at Kamryn West.

What do you think of pineapple on pizza? 

Kamryn: I love it. And if you have a problem with that, you are a...

EXCUSE ME. Please do not threaten my audience. NEXT QUESTION. Whats the heaviest thing you've lifted?

Kamryn: A piano! 


Jarrod. You had your time. GET OUT. Actually No Wait! Stay. Here's one you might like. Rawr Rawr Rawer?

Kamryn: I am afraid I don't speak... whatever that is?

Jarrod: Oh.I hope it's flirting for me.

Kamryn: You'd flirt with anything that moves, weirdo.

Jarrod: That's not true! I didn't flirt with those folks from Toledo...

Kamryn: They were criminals. Honestly, I respected you for that.

Jarrod: If that is all. I am gone.

Goodbye then! Okay. I have one silly question before I move to a few more serious ones, 

Okay. If a train leaves Detroit at ninety miles an hour, and you could be any type of animal you wanted to be, what kind of sound does a tree make?

Kamryn: You've got to be kidding. HA! A red panda, and trees sound like the wind whistling through a tea kettle with the voice of Whitney Houston. 

And now for the serious questions. Why did you run away? 

Kamryn: Well then... You get right to juicy ones don't you. I was... having some disagreements with my family on how I was living my own life. I couldn't take the pressure... So me and my friend Abi ran off... That was how we got kidnapped...

This one could go with this... what disappoints you the most?

Kamryn: Lots of things... But if I am going off of this question. I was disappointed when my family decided to turn on me. I was basically was pushed to run. Family was basically reduced to bull crap for me.

What is your greatest fear?

Kamryn: That one day... I would wake up to find out I am stuck in the same horrible situation that I was stuck in... That some of the people who are in my life now wouldn't be there anymore and it would be all my fault.

That seems rather dark... But that is what they wanted to know.

Kamryn: Yep it is. 

Thanks to everyone who sent me questions for this character interview! For those of you who sent Korey questions, you will see that interview up within the next few days. 

Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Character Interviews WILL start back up!

I have definitely decided to start the character interviews back up again! :)
 And I have picked the two perfect characters to ask for questions for!
Yep! That's right! I said two characters! I will be writing some character interviews in advance to increase my amount of posts! :)

The first character I have chosen is a personal favorite of mine.

Her name is Kamryn Scott and she is a teenage girl who was kidnapped when she was 14 (Or 12... Haven't exactly placed the time yet...) She is a strong-willed girl with a super strength not unlike the strength of Superman. She is easily irritable, but she usually has good reason to be. She can sometimes be a little bit quick to violence. She likes video games, punching things, apples, and has an addiction to all things scary. She hates oranges for some reason and doesn't like to talk too much about her family, especially about her relationship with her brother Korey Scott.

And our second character is... Yes you guessed it! Clarence McGillicuddy! X3 Just kidding. It's Korey Scott!
He is Kamryn's younger brother who was kidnapped after he went looking for Kamryn, who had run from home after her parents discovered a secret she was hiding. He is a more easy-going guy, with the power of flight. He likes doing nothing a lot. He is a rather lazy person when it comes to doing tasks and following rules and prefers to just follow his own rules, which drives his power-hungry sister crazy. He also likes video games like his sister, but he also enjoys binge-watching Netflix, ice cream, and wearing hoodies.

If you have questions, please put them here!

Have a wonderful day! You should be able to see the first interview post within the next few days! :D Love y'all!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Things have been busy and I have been lazy.

Yep. That's the title I am going with for this one. :/

Honestly, I probably have more apologies for not posting on this blog than I do. But I am really hoping that I can honestly change that and begin posting things more regularly. I have been writing my own projects a lot more, my work is going well, and if I can post something at least weekly then that will be a great accomplishment. And I have been really wanting to start some more character interviews so I will be updating and trying to see if I can find a better way to store interview questions/make more content.

Anyway, for now I shall say have a good day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


So some of you seemed to like the last story snippet and to let you all know... It was from a horror story! Good job to all who attempted to guess! Now here is another story to try and analyze.

This is another HOOMAN story. Just to clarify

 The man looked around, “Listen, I can’t explain right now… Just go.” He gently pushed her forward and she fell into the hole.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” She screamed as she dropped down the hole. She winced as she hit the bottom. “OW!” She looked around, and was amazed. She had fallen into a room, a room that looked like one of the underground bunkers that the military used to use as a base of operations

A young man with jet black hair and blue eyes walked up to her and extended his hand to help her up, “You okay?” 

Michelle took his hand and he pulled her up, “Yeah…” She shook his hand, “I’m Michelle…”

The young man smiled, “Michelle Skinner, Oh yeah, been expecting you! My name is Wyatt.”

Michelle froze, “How do you know my name? What do you mean you’ve been expecting me? Where the heck am I?”

“Well, Skinner…” She jumped as the man came up behind her. “You’re in the Underground.”

Michelle’s eyes widened, “No way… This is the Underground!?” She turned to the man, “Then who are you?”

The man smirked and extended his hand, “General William Hayes, at your service.”

Michelle’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped, “Wha... You… Oh my gosh!”

Wyatt grinned, “Yeah, I did that too!”

The general snickered, “Yeah for some reason my name is pretty popular right now… Still, I usually go recruit new soldiers myself. That way I don’t have to risk anyone, but myself.”

“Wait, What? Are you…” Michelle’s face was a mix between surprised and freaked out.

The general’s smirk widened, “Yes, Private Skinner. When I say you are in the Underground, I mean it in more ways than one.”

Michelle was too stunned to say anything.

The general turned to Wyatt, “Go ahead and take her to the tech room to get measured for a uniform. Then… Maybe you could show her around.” He winked.

Wyatt blushed as he led Michelle away to the tech room.

The general watched them walk away with a smirk, then left to attend to some other business.

Monday, September 17, 2018



Hello Scribbly friends. :) Welcome to a new thing I will be doing over these next few weeks. The way this will work is I will post a story snippet for you to read on this blog every few days, and I will give you the viewer a chance to see if you can figure out what the genre of the story is. Some of you will know, others may not. But that's all in good fun. ^-^ And for an added bonus, you can try t explain your reasoning as to why you made your choice in the comments. Are you ready? Because here is Snippet #1

             A lonely red Subaru drove down the dusty highway, the two people inside were as quiet as the highway outside. The driver, Caroline Benson, gave her husband a side glance. He avoided her glance by keeping his eyes facing the window.

            She cleared her throat. “So when are we going to talk about this, Ben.”

            Ben kept his mouth shut, continuing to keep his eyes on the passing desert.

            Caroline forced out a laugh. “Oh that's right. We only ever talk about our issues if they are bothering you.” She shook her head. “That stunt you pulled in front of my parents was not necessary.”

            Ben turned to look at his wife. “I was being truthful!”

            “When they asked if we were thinking about kids, you made a huge show of leaving the room.” Caroline snapped.

            Ben put his face in his hands. “They ask us everytime, and to be honest it is annoying!”

            “They want to be grandparents, Ben! Can you really blame them for bringing it up?”

            “Yes. I can. They have been doing it for the last three years! And plus, I don't think they like me.”

            Caroline let out a genuine laugh. “Gee, I wonder why.”

            Ben crossed his arms. “Do you want me to apologize?”

            Caroline sighed, “You can. I am pretty sure I am not the only one you owe an apology to.”

            Ben looked back out the window. “I know… And I really am sorry…”

            Caroline glanced at him again, and reached over to grab his hand. “I know… And I do forgive you. But we really do need to talk about maybe having kids.”

            Ben cringed a little. “Kids… I have never liked them… They are loud, and quite annoying.”

            Caroline chuckled a little. “From what your parents have told me, you were not exactly an angel  as a kid. So that's pretty hypocritical.”

            Ben looked back at her. “Fine. You win this...”

So what kinda story do think it's from? HORROR? ROMANCE? ACTION?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

5 things you shouldn't do in A Romantic Comedy/Romance Movie!

Romantic movies are one of my guilty pleasures. Everything is so corny and a tad unrealistic. And that's fine. After all, it is a movie. Not everything in romantic comedies needs to be too realistic, but let's be real. Romantic Comedies sometimes have characters that do really dumb and out there things to get the girl/guy. Yet somehow, with movie magic I suppose, these characters still manage to succeed in their mission after everything.

Do not do those things. Those tactics don't work in life. What tactics you say?

I am glad you asked. Here are five things you should not do in a romantic comedy.


It astounds me that this actually works in the movies because it is SO WRONG. If you want to get a girl's attention and decide to pretend to be in a relationship with another girl (or guy), YOUR CRUSH WILL NOTICE. They will notice and will most likely get jealous. (Or they'll just move on with their lives. Not every crush automatically is smitten for you. Sorry.)

But here's the thing, usually in movies after the girl or guy is all angry and upset at the main character and listens to an explanation, they immediately let it go. But real life is not that simple. If you go and try to make someone so jealous so they'll love you, they will fight back. Either that or they won't be jealous, because they probably don't have feelings for you.

But seriously, when someone is jealous they aren't just sad and remorseful. They are angry. And if you come apologizing and explaining how you were just trying to make them jealous, you will probably just get a well-deserved slap to the face.

Besides, no one likes to be jealous.


This really should be self-explanatory here, but if you are in love with a man/woman you really shouldn't do things alone with said man/woman. Even if it's a friend from high school. Because whether there is romantic tension or not... as the movies go, Someone in real life will see it and lucky for you, they just happen to go tell your crush everything!

While explanations may not be as dramatically met here (As long as the person really is just an old friend. (CHEATING IS BAD)), there will still be a little bit of a mess to clean up. Because as I said, humans get jealous.

Now to the point where movies mess it up big time. A lot of times in romantic comedies and old friend ends up being a lot more. Now in the movies, a simple romantic gesture and an apology seem to be enough to get your crush to love you again after you cheat on them BUT COME ON!!!!

Human beings aren't always that quick to forgive, especially for something as big as hearing about you romantically involved with another person. Maybe forgiveness may come one day, but that relationship would be shattered. You broke your significant other's trust and faith. There are deep consequences for your actions.

So yeah. This one is important for movies and real life.


We all know the one character in the movies that everyone is head over heels for, and seems like the perfect guy/girl. The one who seems like they are the romantic interest of the movie. The one who can't seem to keep the same girl/guy around for longer than a month... Wait what?

Chances are this dude/lady likes to play the field. They aren't looking for any commitment or relationship, they just want a trophy to display to friends and family.

But the main character doesn't seem to care or notice that, and what do they do? Start a romance of course! It's a romance. What did you expect?

I really have one simple reason to why, in real life, you shouldn't date someone like this. SELF RESPECT. You are an individual who deserves someone who actually cares about you and won't drop you for the next hot tamale they see. Don't be a cliche romantic movie character.


Romances sometimes pull a story where the romantic interest is already in a relationship with another person. And most of the time, the movie presents this other person as literal trash that you hope gets dumped by the end of the movie. Leaving the main character to get with the romantic interest. Yes, this is sometimes a nice story. But life is different.

In real life, a couple like that may be completely happy with each other. Maybe the significant other is just not exactly a very nice person to people outside his/her friend group. But a person like you really doesn't have to right to go after another person's girlfriend or boyfriend. Just because you like someone, doesn't give you the right to be with them. Get over yourself.

Also, while I am on this topic


There are a few movies out there where the main character's squad tries to help the main character get the girl. Of course... sometimes there is a person in the way. So what would be the logical thing to do? Do everything you can to destroy their relationship of course.

WRONG. Whether you think a relationship is abusive or you think your crush and their significant other aren't compatible, you don't try to sabotage their relationship. Because in the end if it does by some miracle work, you look like a complete jerk; and if you don't YOU STILL END UP LONELY.

So maybe... the lesson here is to not look to romantic movies as advice for your love life. Maybe you should start by being a friend. That's how a lot of relationships start. Friendship. Maybe one day, one month, or one year down the road you might find yourself falling for someone close to you. Nothing crazy needs to happen, just relax.  Or you know... except the fact that you will probably be lonely for the rest of your life.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hey everyone! It's Vinnie/Scribbles/That guy who used to regularly use this blog.

After a long break where I was taking care of some things like work or college, I am ready to start writing blog posts again. Might even have some youtube videos in the works. Sadly I will not be posting as often as I used to, maybe once or twice a month. I am still a bit busy and working on  writing/trying to become employed again.

But it will be nice to get back on and just get to share things with you all that I am excited about. Like more story snippets and maybe (Maybe in November) starting up some character interviews again.

Anyway, welcome back! Hoping to have something up within the week. If you have some suggestions of what you want to see, comment them below. LOVE YOU ALL. OKAY BYE

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