Monday, January 8, 2018

Hey guys! How are you doing! Merry Chris... Wait... What?! It's January?! I have been inactive for how long?! A MONTH! We'll just have to fix that!

Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We had a wonderful year here on the blog. :D Can't wait to start dreaming up some new content for you all to read!

Hoping to get some book reviews out there pretty soon. Reading up some good ones by some friends of mine. Plus reviewing some of the ones i read.

Gonna try to do a post on things you shouldn't do in romance movies. Because Valentines Day is in a month.

I have the cast of PJ to interview as well! I need questions though so send me questions for Elena! :)

Anyway, there's a poll on the side. Answer it! :D

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Yes. As I promised. I am back. Nerdy Obsessions are here. I have a lot to talk about. Just a fair warning, I am not caught up on either of these. So I have been doing research and will be making this post based on appearance and picture alone. And some premise but that doesn't MATTER. DON'T JUDGE ME. STAHP

The new Teen Titans themed show known as Titans will be launching in 2018 with Brenton Thwaites in the main roll of Dick Grayson. (Probably as Nightwing) And even more cool is all those cast choices I showed you in October/September, they are the actual cast. That has been verified!

Wow. Guess there isn't much news for that :/ Well darn. I hope this isn't the case for the other shows...
;) Spoiler alert: IT ISN'T. New characters have joined the roster of these shows, with some noteable ones including Elongated Man (Detective like funny guys from the comics who solves mysteries with his wife), ZARI ADRIANA TOMAZ (who could be Black Adam's wife Isis. I don't know for sure), and DANNY FRICKIN TREJO. ON THE FLASH. OKAY GUYS STAY CALM. LOOK AT ME BEING CALM. O_O

We also have an infamous crossover which sees the return of some familiar faces to face a Nazi parallel earth. Oh my. This crossover is going to be hard to piece apart seeing as how I haven't seen it. But the one detail that makes me nervous is the fact of Barry and Iris's wedding.

The first time we see Barry and Iris ready to get married, ONE OF HIS ENEMIES KILLS HER. This event is setting up for one of the only Season 1 flashback scenes we haven't seen yet. Prison Barry. Don't worry, I am 94% sure that wasn't in the crossover. We do see some cool stuff like more alternate characters Heroes and Villians. Should be a fun ride. Here are some promo shots!

This is a pretty much almost full roster with the exception of Firestorm and others. But alot of each shows main cast is in this crossover. It is serious. Also surprise! LOOK ITS WENTWORTH MILLER IN COLD COSTUME! And Gold mask is The Ray! :D And the one next to Vixen in the woman I think is Isis that I mentioned earlier. I am probably wrong though because it looks nothing like her. Also that is Diggle hiding behind Ollie in that picture. Clarifying that for you guys... Definitely not for me O____O

Now onto Black Lightning. It is not on air yet, but it still looks like it is gonna be good.
There have been several teasers for it as of recently. Links below!

We see him in suit and in action. That is some good fighting after being  out of the game for so long. Bravo Mr. Pierce. Bravo!

This is all I have for today. Sorry it is so choppy and stuff, but I am doing this on a whim. Have a great day!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Return?

Hey all. It's me, Scribbles.

 Oh yeah... I haven't posted in a month. Anyone still out there? *knocks*

Anyway, been a particularly busy month with work and stuff. NaNoWriMo has been taking a little of my time :) But the main thing that I wanted to talk about is the future of this blog. I probably will not be able to post any things for another week or so, and I might start up the character interviews then.

But since my book is coming out THIS UPCOMING SATURDAY WHICH IS DECEMBER 2ND. Not today though. Otherwise I would be unprepared. I would be honored if you guys would share my posts/tweets, so we can all excitedly count the days together. I may try to do like something. I have no clue, too excited tbh!

Meanwhile expect a huge Nerdy Obsessions post in the middle of December because I have a lot to geek about! :3

In the mean time. Love you all! PEACE OUT!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10 ways to survive a SLASHER movie. (Halloween Edition!)

So recently in the last three months or something, I wrote a post about 10 ways that one could use to survive a horror movie. And people seemed to like it! So I figured, with one of the spookiest days of the year coming close, why not do another post similar to that! Hooray!

Slasher films are very different than horror movies though. Horror movies are movies that make you afraid to go to bed without some sort of light. Like IT, Get Out, or The Shining. Slasher films are the ones that make you not trust your friends and make you paranoid. Films like Halloween, Scream, or Nightmare on Elm Street.

Just like any movie where the main goal of the character is to survive, these people do the craziest stuff. SO I feel the need to make another list for you all.

Now normally I would have characters to help me show these, but I don't really have any that would best fit these scenarios.

1. Don't move to a town with a history of murders. Or even better, avoid any place with a history of murders. Especially when  done by a serial killer. It boggles my mind that kids still went to Crystal Lake camp, or that people still lived in Woodsboro. Like I said in the horror one. Research people. It can't hurt.

2. Don't be alone when there is a masked murderer on the loose. You should at least be in a group of four or more people so that way if you all stick together, you guys have a better shot of all getting out alive. Being alone, or with your love interest, or even with a few buddies won't do you any good if you are outside taking out the trash and Ghostface kills you.

3. In case you skipped that last step, I am just gonna say it again in different context. Splitting up, is the worst thing one can do in a scary movie. Separating yourselves from the group, makes it easier for a killer to kill you. You're basically just "investigating a cracking noise coming from the woods, and Jason will be like "It must be Christmas!" and kill you. If you're in a group, and get attacked it's easier to make sure more people come out safe. Unless it's like Scream and there's more than one killer. Then you best run as fast as you can.

4. Don't assume your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/family member isn't the killer. If that killer is wearing a mask and it could be anyone. It could even be me. Your love for these people will not change the fact that, if any of these above people were the killer, they will kill you. (See Scream 1-4, and Scream the tv series.) Be very careful who you trust.

5. If someone is calling you and threatening you, there is a good chance you are being watched. Now here your options are very limited. Don't go outside. There is a good chance they are outside waiting for you to come out. Keeping that in mind, it is also not a good plan to cut off your escape by locking windows and doors or by going upstairs. Your best bet is to hang up the phone and call the police. The killer might be trying to keep you on the phone and distracted so you won't find them. After calling the police, arm yourself and wait.

6. Now in the situation that there is a killer in your house and they are after you, do not go upstairs unless you plan on jumping out the window. Even then you probably wouldn't survive the fall. Your best bet is to run outside and away from your house as fast as you can. Run to a place where there's a lot of people or towards the police station.

7. If there is a masked killer on the loose, stay away from Halloween parties/costume parties. In Scream 2, a woman was killed in a theater of people, some of whom were dressed as the killer from the first movie, by the killer of the second movie. On stage.

8. Now I know that most of you reading would not do this, but I feel the need to say this. Don't flirt with the killer. If you see a shady looking guy in a mask and hood, don't make flirty remarks. He was flirtatiously slice yo throat.

9. If someone texts you out of the blue, and you've heard rumors that they A.) Might be responsible for murder, or B.) Might be dead Don't answer them. Don't have text conversations unless you know fully well that the person on the other end is really who they say they are. Otherwise...

10. This one might be the most important. If there is news that someone is killing people in your town... I wasn't actually going to say this when I first wrote this step but moving out. Moving out works just as much as this. I was actually going to say, don't try and figure out who is murdering people. That's just stupid. That's how most slasher victims die. :) Be smart. Also yeah. Moving out of that town would work too. Seriously I... Hold on guys I'll be right back. Something is making a sound outside and I am home all alone. Let me just go out there with no protection and I'll be right back!

Wow. That guy was an idiot. He literally just walked outside. Yeah... Don't worry about him though...

Just kidding guys. I am not dead. :) Also I am not home alone. I was attempting humor.
Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed and please stay safe this Halloween. I should be back to posting semi-regularly soon! Stay fluffy! BUHBYEEEEEE

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Titans is casted. I shall come out of my hole now

I shall come out of my hole now. A great deed has been an accomplished. :) YAY
Titans is coming!

Here are the main cast members as it seems
Brenton Thwaites- Dick Grayson
Teagan Croft- Raven
Anna Diop- Koriand'r
Lindsey Gort- Amy Rohrbach
Minka Kelly- Dawn Granger
Alan Ritchson- Hank Hall
Ryan Potter- Garfield Logan

There is a picture on twitter on the entire cast in relation to their counterparts. There are three on this list that might not ring any bells so I will be clarifying and explaining those three.

First is Dawn Granger and Hank Hall!
Dawn Granger is known in the DC world as Dove. She is a not as well known member of the Titans, which in the comics is a team in comics that is composed of the young adult superheroes first formed by Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Red Arrow, and Donna Troy.

I can't really say much about Dawn without spoiling her whole timeline, and I have no clue where this season will start with this storyline as per comics. She is paired with Hank Hall who is Hawk. Apparently he has quite a temper and she has been able to calm him down.

Hawk and Dove are powered by the Lords of Chaos and Order respectively, which is really darn cool tbh. Hawk is the fist Hawk and Dove is actually the third person to have the title. She took on the role from the first Dove who was actually Hank's brother Don.

Like I said I can't say much. BUT SO COOL AMIRITE?!

And the last character is Amy Rohrbach
Her character is a police officer from Bludhaven. She was associated with Richard Grayson when he was a police officer. There is still not much known about her, but my guess is the show is gonna introduce Grayson living a double life as a police officer and as Nightwing. While leading the Titans. And Amy is going to be curious about his disappearances and reappearances and use her detective skills. Hopefully she is a loveable character.

And there is a season villain called Acolyte. Don't know who he is. Never heard of him. I do know that this villain has something he wants from Raven. So I am hoping to see this season looking into Raven's backstory.

As for the actors, Brenton Thwaites has been a long time actor that people wanted to see as Nightwing, The others seem okay. I don't really know them

The only other one I know is Alan Ritchson. He has been in several things and has actually been in the DC tv lore before as Arthur Curry, or better known as Aquaman. But also was in Catching Fire as Gloss and both of the new Ninja Turtle movies as Raphael.

I am honestly loving the way this cast looks. And I am super excited for this! :D

Like this? Want me to do something on a show you like? Comment below! :D

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blaze Interview!

So I am here. Two weeks late to possibly the biggest character interview I have ever done. I have Blaze here.

Blaze: Yo.

And his six friends/employees who will definitely butt in. But I have asked them to be quiet unless they have something important to say. They are Caden, Karoline, Kody, Chandler, Cirby, and Karina. :)

Blaze: Can we get on with this?

Yes. We can. Whats you favorite food?

Blaze: Burnt marshmellows, Buffalo Chicken, Bacon, and Applejack, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

What's your favorite sandwich?

Blaze: Buffalo Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, and a slice of eggplant.

Do you like pitbull puppies?

Blaze: *nods* Yes. Pitbulls are very affectionate dogs.

What's your least favorite puppy?

Blaze: I do not have one. I like all dogs.

So, do you have a favorite gun?

Blaze: Yes I do. A sniper rifle. I keep it on my back at all time. I have named it Barry.

Favorite comic book?

Blaze: Suicide Squad.

Which comic universe do you like, DC or Marvel?

Blaze: DC

What is your most popular dish at your diner?

Blaze: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

Do you like broadswords or samurai ones?

Blaze: Broadswords.

Who is your least favorite employee?

Blaze: Why don't you ask them who they think and we'll see what I say?

Karina: Wait? So we can talk now?

Blaze: Yes.

Caden: Pretty sure Kody is his favorite. I am pretty sure I am his least favorite

Kody: I think Karina is his least favorite.

Karina: Really Kody? What happened to being a friend? but I would say it's Caden too.

Karoline: *Sighs* I don't like this... But I think it might be Chandler... Chandler is a good person but I think Blaze finds her kind of annoying.

Chandler: Hey! How dare you? I totally think it's Karoline.

Blaze: Choose again. She's my favorite.

Chandler: Drat... Fine. I pick Caden.

Cirby: In the case of Blaze? It's probably me. *laughs*

Blaze: *slightly smirks* If you want honesty, It totally is Caden.

Caden: It's the hair, isn't it.

Blaze: No. It's your mouth.

What's your favorite number?

Blaze: 27

If you could take anything with you on a desert island what would it be?

Blaze: Only what I usually have with me. Twenty-One knives, six guns, and my equipment belt.

Whats it like being first?

Blaze: Thrilling.

Sooo, do you get paid to kill people?

Blaze: Why? Want someone dead?

If you were given a generous sum to upgrade one thing in your diner, what would you choose?

Blaze: Upgrade? Well I definitely would love an automated security system. Some guy in a helmet keeps breaking in.

How long have you been shooting guns?

Blaze: *smirks, and quotes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.* I can not confirm that information without the secretary's approval.

What kind/genre of comic is your favorite?

Blaze: Suicide Squad.

What do you care most about?

Blaze: My girlfriend Vanessa. She's recovering from a low point in life. I have been helping her out.

What he'd be terrified of losing?

Blaze: I am not answering this question.

Have a favorite place?

Blaze: No.

Books or movies?

Blaze: Books.

Favorite vegetable

Blaze: Spinach.

What can't he leave the house without?

Blaze: Some sort of gun, or pointy object.

Who's your best friend?

Blaze: Vanessa.

Second breakfast or elevensies?

Blaze: Second Breakfast.

Potatoes or fish:

Blaze: Not even a question. Potatoes.

Wow... This was a lighter ending than I expected...

Blaze: Would you like to make it dark?

No thank you please.

Thank you guys for asking questions and reading!

My next interview will be for the K's! Which means it's Karoline, Karina, and Kody.

Karoline is a computer enthusiast and is very good at breaking into computers. She enjoys listening to music, reading mysteries, chinese food, and quiet coffee shops. She also writes edgy poetry for fun.

Karina is a talented gymnist who uses her talents to steal things. She is smarter than any security system and works best at night. She enjoys comic books (Wild guess to who her favorite DC character is), skating, Iced coffee, and Micheal Jackson.

Kody is an American Ninja, basically he is skilled in the areas of agility. He aspires to be apart of the CIA and has experience serving on the presidents secret service team as an undercover agent. He enjoys the beach, movies with Jackie Chan or Tom Cruise, fudge brownies, frog legs, and of course American Ninja Warrior.

Ask me questions please! Have a wonderful day guys! BYE!

Saturday, September 30, 2017


The poll is over.
Yes. Over.

And I have the three genres for the challenge that will now be happening in DECEMBER (The month after NaNoWriMo)

Now I need to figure out what three holidays will be accepted in the challenge!
Such as
Or even Groundhog day!
You decide!
There will be a poll on the side over that way →→→→

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